Alessia Cara brings it home to melty with a live version of 'Here' (EXCLUSIVE)

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Alessia Cara stopped by melty for a few live spots, so we just couldn't let her go before she came "Here"

If you're as big a fan of Alessia Cara as we are, you'd get her to sing a couple jams from Know-It-All when you got the chance, too. She'll be promoting her songs when the Canadian singer opens for Coldplay in a new European tour. But we fortunately got a taste of what her live set will look like when she hit us up with an acoustic version of "Here." Check out the exclusive clip below!

Cara later sat down with two melty reporters to talk about Drake and what it means to be a Canadian artist today. And while her earlier Euro dates were cancelled, she promised she would take another trip overseas to make up for it soon! And now we know she'll be back - with the British boys from Coldplay in tow. For the latest info, be sure to subscribe below. What's your favourite Alessia Cara song?

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