Arrow Season 5: Chad Coleman makes his debut in the premiere promo

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The Walking Dead star Chad Coleman may be done with the zombie series, but he's got a whole new adventure ahead of him in Star City. Check out the new Arrow Season 5 premiere promo below!

The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman is back from the dead! Well, sort of, but not really. While he may be long gone from the hit AMC drama, Chad Coleman is alive and well on Arrow and making his debut in style in the Season 5: Episode 1 promo! Coleman is playing a gangster who leads a consortium of criminals dedicated to taking down the Green Arrow, though he's not thought to be the Big Bad of the season. Regardless, it sounds like Ollie might have his work cut out for him! Check out the promo trailer for the season premiere below! Arrow's Wendy Mericle has said Season 5 will go back to the show's gritty roots, so we can't wait to see how the premiere distinguishes itself from past seasons. And with Arrow Season 5's Comic-Con trailer teasing a brand new Team Arrow, could we be saying goodbye to most of the old faces?

The Season 5 synopsis is as follows: "With Diggle back in the military and Thea adamant about hanging up her hood as Speedy, Team Green Arrow is down to just Oliver and Felicity – but they’re no longer the only vigilantes in town. Green Arrow’s public defeat of Damien Darhk at the end of Season 4 has inspired a new crop of masked heroes to step up and defend the city, though their painful inexperience makes them obstacles, rather than allies, in the field. The arrival of a deadly new adversary will force Oliver to confront questions about his own legacy, both as mayor and as the Green Arrow."

While Diggle and Thea still appear in Episode 1, it seems like they're set in their ways to retire from their roles, as Thea nonchalantly tells Felicity that Oliver can handle himself. Curtis on the other hand has stepped into the shoes of a series regular and can be seen training in the gym at Arrow HQ, so it looks like we'll be seeing Mister Terrific sooner rather than later! Ollie is clearly still very affected by Laurel's death as he stares wistfully at her memorial statue, and while it marks a new chapter for Oliver's life, it'll also mark a new chapter for Star City as vigilantes flock to the streets next season. Here's hoping for a fantastic season premiere! For regular updates on Arrow, click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited for the Arrow Season 5 premiere?

Source: YouTube: @The CW Television Network