Arrow Season 5, is Felicity's boyfriend Detective Malone secretly Prometheus?

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Prometheus is the Big Bad of Arrow Season 5, but who is he? Could he be Felicity's new boyfriend Detective Malone? Join us as we wildly speculate Prometheus' identity!

Felicity may be psychologically traumatised by the events of Havenrock in Arrow Season 5, but at least she’s got a new boyfriend who can comfort her and give her the happy life she deserves. Since Malone is not part of Team Arrow, he's her escape from the vigilante life but he’s still able to help her because he’s an SCPD detective. It’s a match made in heaven, right? Not quite if you ask us, as we think Felicity’s new boyfriend is Prometheus. We’re only two episodes into the season so there’s not much evidence so far, but thematically it would make a lot of sense if Malone was the evil vigilante who has dedicated his time to taking down the Green Arrow.

Malone is very much Oliver’s rival for Felicity’s affections, and the Big Bad Prometheus will be the Green Arrow’s rival on the streets. If Malone and Prometheus are one and the same, then this would make the conflict between Prometheus and the Green Arrow so much more personal, since Malone would not only be fighting Oliver Queen to prove his superiority and replace him as the best archer, he’d be fighting to replace Oliver as Felicity’s best friend and romantic interest. Furthermore, it's possible that Prometheus knows that the Green Arrow is Oliver Queen, and if this is the case could Malone have targeted Felicity because he knew she's close to Oliver and the Green Arrow, and he’s playing the long game and using her to get to Oliver?

After Havenrock we were surprised to see Felicity dating, and Malone appears to have come out from nowhere and has been everything Felicity needs him to be. Admittedly a few months have passed since the Season 5 finale, and Malone could have met Felicity under normal circumstances and have nothing to do with Prometheus. However, in five seasons Arrow has done zero traitor within the gates storylines while The Flash has pulled it off twice for their Big Bad in two seasons, and we think it’s only a matter of time before Arrow tries something similar. For regular updates on Arrow Season 5, click the green subscribe button below. In related news, Arrow Season 5 newbie Rick Gonzalez has dished on Wild Dog's relationship with Oliver. What are your theories on Prometheus' identity?

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