Arrow Season 5's premiere promo photos reveal Prometheus

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Arrow Season 5's premiere is almost here and these new promo photos have given us a better look at Prometheus, who seems like he will be a handful for the Green Arrow.

Arrow Season 4 left us very disappointed indeed. The last couple of seasons have been diminishing returns, which is a shame since the first few seasons were really special. However, we've been promised that Arrow Season 5 will go back to the show's gritty roots, which is what it needs to do. We don't want anymore magic or metahumans on Arrow, save all of that for the crossover episodes maybe. One of Season 5's villains will be a new dark archer called Prometheus. We saw a brief glimpse of him in Arrow's Comic-Con trailer, which focused on Oliver's attempt to recruit a new team. We also saw his masked face very briefly in the latest promo video. We think he'll be a bit of a handful for the Green Arrow. Check out Prometheus in the promo photos below.

Along with giving us a better look at Prometheus these promo photos, courtesy of TVLine, show Oliver in a suit tied up, as well a few stills of Season 5's flashback scenes. We've heard that the fight scenes in the flashbacks will take inspiration from David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises. Despite not being the biggest fans of Arrow's flashbacks, we are looking forward to seeing how Oliver became so friendly with the Russian mafia. However, the most interesting thing in these promo photos has to be Prometheus. You might know this new villain from the comic books as the person who chopped off Roy Harper's arm, so he'd better stay away in Season 5. Arrow Season 5 airs October 5th on The CW. What do you think of Prometheus?

Source: TVLine