Avengers Infinity War to adapt the Infinity Gauntlet storyline?

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Could Avengers: Infinity War adapt Infinity Gauntlet rather than its namesake from the comics? Check out the latest rumours on Infinity War's plot below.

We've heard some exciting news about Avengers: Infinity War of late. First Anthony and Joe Russo teased that Jessica Jones and Daredevil may feature in Avengers: Infinity War, and more recently, The Latino Review has reported that the third Avengers film will be adapting the Infinity Gauntlet storyline rather than the Infinity War story. Take this as nothing more than a rumour until we have official confirmation from Marvel because the site has a mixed track record with the rumours they've reported, but they have been correct from time to time so it's worth looking into it. So will the Infinity Gauntlet storyline be copied exactly from the comics, or will there be significant departures from the source material to make it fit in better with the MCU?

The Latino Review reported, "Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War will feature the Mad Titan Thanos trying to impress the personification of Death (who will be a woman). Thanos assembles all six Infinity Stones and utilizes the Gauntlet to have god-like powers. His grand plan is that Death will also feel love for him if he brings her enough 'souls,' so he decides to extinguish half the life in the universe to impress her."

It sounds identical to the storyline in the comics, so it is entirely feasible that Marvel would decide to go down this route with the third Avengers film. It may seem odd that a personification of Death exists in the MCU, but with the introduction of the mystical realm with Doctor Strange and further exploration of the cosmic realm in Guardians of the Galaxy, anything is possible. It will certainly be a darker film than anything we've seen so far though, and with Thanos set to extinguish half the life in the universe, we can see how Infinity War was originally envisioned as a two-parter. So will Avengers 3 adapt Infinity Gauntlet and Avengers 4 adapt Infinity War? For regular updates on Avengers: Infinity War click the green subscribe button below. In related news, the first set photo of Josh Brolin as Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War has been released. How do you feel about an Infinity Gauntlet adaptation?

Source: The Latino Review