Captain America Civil War: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan slug it out over Black Widow (EXCLUSIVE)

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We've got a bonus clip in our Civil War interview series, with Captain America's Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan battling over Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow. Check it out below!

We know we told you our interview with Civil War's Chris Evans teasing Cap's death in the MCU would be the last in our week-long series. Guess we were wrong! You guys loved our interviews so much, as a bonus we thought we'd share the lighter side of #TeamCap with you, with Falcon's Anthony Mackie and Bucky's Sebastian Stan bringing the Avengers rivalry to our exclusive interview as they act like a couple of kids in a comic books store. "We're here selling our movie because we love it and we appreciate the opportunity to be an Avenger," Mackie laments. "But you know, Team Iron Men, they come when they want to come, they do four interviews a day." "They only take one hour flights," Stan grins. "And then we have to wait for the massages to finish... very selfish." Anthony Mackie has another word for #TeamIronMan. "Divas!"

But when we asked if there was anyone from Tony Stark's side they wish would fight the good fight, they both simultaneously said, "Black Widow." Although, if you watch the movie you know how it turns out for Scarlet Johansson's character when Marvel outplays DC with Captain America and sticks it in their face. However, some internal tension within #TeamCap did come up when we asked them what they hope for their characters in the next Avengers movie. "To marry Black Widow," Anthony Mackie jumped in. To which Sebastian Stan scoffed off and said, "that I marry Black Widow before him, like it's in the comics. He refuses to see that," Stan said, nodding over at Mackie. "Whatever, no - the Marvel Cinematic Universe is different," Mackie goes on. "He's stuck in the comic books, and that's why every time she sees me she goes 'ahhhh'." Do you think either of them has a shot?

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