Captain America Civil War: Anthony Russo reveals Marvel's post-credits scene takes place in [SPOILER]

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We're in day 3 of our Civil War interview series as we sit down with co-director Anthony Russo, who exclusively reveals the Captain America post-credits scene

Captain America is officially two days out and the third instalment in our Civil War interview series came online just in time for Marvel director Anthony Russo to spill some major teasers about the much-ballyhooed post-credits scene. As the first package in Phase 3 of Marvel's cinematic universe, Civil War's post-credits will be particularly important in setting up the expanded comics world to come. So, are we going to get an inside view of Tom Holland's transformation into the new-age Spider-Man? Will we see Hawkeye and Black Widow tease their burgeoning romance? According to Russo, "the post credits scene takes place in Wakanda, which is where the character Black Panther is from. We went there because we felt that it was an important way to close the story arc that had happened between him and Captain America and the Winter soldier in the movie." Watch the full interview below.

Of course, Anthony Russo is just one half of the brother directorial team, with Joe Russo, bringing to life the Marvel package that outplays DC with Captain America Civil War. And a big part of that success may be the realism the pair decided to imbue their characters with early on, as opposed to Batman v Superman's overwrought mythicism at the hands of Zack Snyder. Part of that realism is the romance that starts to brew between two key characters in the film. Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch's relationship gets "deeper and more complex" in Civil War, but it ain't them we're talking about. "We love to approach these movies and these characters from a point of view of realism, sometimes physical realism but also psycholgical realism," Russo says. "So I think in order to explore a character on a deep level, love and romance come into the equation at some point." Who do you think Russo's talking about?

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