Captain America: Civil War directors tease rise of Tom Holland's Spider-Man

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Since Disney & Marvel got the rights to Spider-Man from Sony, fans have wanted a glimpse of Tom Holland's crawler in Captain America. But the Civil War directors revealed we still have to wait

Tom Holland will be the face of one of Marvel's most sacrosanct characters. But before we see the Spider-Man's debut in a Sony standalone feature, Marvel and Disney were jointly able to negotiate the rights to the original midnightcrawler, but only when he appears alongside the Avengers' colourful cast of he-men. When news broke of Peter Parker's appearing in the upcoming instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, fans waited eagerly for the next bout of marketing to catch a glimpse of the red-and-green high-flyer alongside the Captain and Ironman. But alas, new international trailers revealing Ironman's conflict came and went and ne'er a site of the webmaster did we see. But rather than directors Anthony and Joe Russo holding fans' credulity to the teet of Marvel marketing and letting teasers out by the glourious dribble - as they've done with Black Panther and Scarlet Witch teasers - the reason for the delay comes down to a rather mundane game of big studio politics. One which doesn't allow Marvel marketing to release promotional material of the arachnid high-flyer, as the brother directing pair recently shared with Collider.

In the above panel discussion, the Russos paint a bleak and tyrannical image of the kind of back-room machinations that dictate the lives of our favourite imaginary characters that draw in studios' big bucks."Part of the reasons of what was so secretive was that the deals were always lagging slightly behind how we were using the character" Anthony Russo points out in the above clip."We were always in danger of upsetting the deal—there were still sensitive issues going on between the two studios that they needed to agree on. When we were casting Tom Holland, when we were screen-testing him for the movie there was a whole very involved process that was kind of under the radar and secretive, because of the fact that it was still a sensitive business issue." The fact we haven't even seen so much as a costume design yet has less to do with the filmmakers' desire to conceal any spoilers than the minutiae of contract agreements."The reason why we still won’t talk about stuff like that is 'cause Marvel and Sony still haven't worked out what uses they have to the character, on a promotional level, on a commercial level. So there’s still complications as far as that goes. They're involved business deals." Do you think Spider-Man will fit into the MCU?

Source: YouTube: @ColliderVideos