Captain America Civil War: Canadian Emily VanCamp teases Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers romance (EXCLUSIVE)

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A day before Captain America's release, we talk to Canada's Emily VanCamp on Sharon Carter's brewing romance with Steve Rogers. So do things heat up in Civil War?

Get your styrofoam elbow pads and plastic Captain America shields ready: Civil War hits theatres tomorrow as Phase 3 of Marvel's Cinematic Universe officially launches! While the new movie allows the former Avengers to look back over their career and search for their identity in a world hostile to their presence, new terrain - professional as well as personal - will also be carved out, a nuance which allows Marvel to outplay DC in Civil War. No single character's backstory will be more analyzed than the eponymous hero, aka Steve Rogers, who's personal life and brewing romance with Sharon Carter has been left slightly in the dark... until now. Just the other day, we found out Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch's relationship in Captain America gets "deeper and more complex." And now, as part of our continuing Civil War interview series, we sit down with Carter actress - Canada's own Emily VanCamp - to talk about how the sexual tension between her and Steve Rogers manifests itself in the movie.

"It seems in the films we're just scratching the surface," Carter tells melty about the pair's romantic tension. "They had a very complicated love affair within the comic books so to me it was just nice to really be able to explore the relationship within this one a little bit." Of course, besides harbouring a secret crush for the jaw line known as Chris Evans, Sharon Carter's always been the Avengers' secret eyes and ears within the C.I.A., and the professional side of her relationship with Rogers is fleshed out as well. "The truth is, she works for the government, so technicially she should be with Iron Man on this one," VanCamp says of her character. "It's her profession at stake and she's worked hard to get to where she is, but it's very interesting to see what happens with Sharon when you start to see where her loyalties truly lie." Oh, and P.S., they kiss! "Shooting that was really hard," she reveals, "because I'm trying to be all 'I just kissed Captain America, whatever'... it was hard not to crack up, but you know, we managed to keep it together." Are you rooting for this ship?

Source: melty