Captain America: Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch's relationship gets "deeper and more complex" in Civil War (EXCLUSIVE)

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Catch the second in our Civil War interview series ahead of Captain America this Friday. Today we have Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen talking Hawkey and Scarlet Witch!

Action isn't the only way Marvel's Captain America outplays DC in Civil War. The rapport between the individual characters is on point as well, filling in spoken scenes between the high-flying action. And nowhere is that more evident than between Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye and Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch. So we had the two together for today's exlusive interview leading up to the release of Captain America Civil War this Friday. Hawkeye's "kind of like a surrogate brother after Quicksilver passed away," Olsen reflects about the fallout from the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron leading into Civil War. "The drive to even come to the movie was that I owed a debt," Renner follows up, "because her brother, who I hated, sacrificed his life for me." Watch the full interview below!

As for the pair's relationship, "I think it's getting wonderfully complex and deeper with each passing moment," Renner reflects as he gazes into Olsen's eyes. While older Avengers like Don Cheadle's War Machine get messed up a lot in Civil War, newer Phase 3 characters like Scarlet Witch are just starting to discover the consequences of their powers on the lives of others. "I don't think she's gonna continue to have a struggle of 'should, I shouldn't I, maybe,'" Olsen hints. "I think she now has a lot of new insentive... I have a lot of ideas of how many directions they could go with Sacrlet Witch because she could just kind of go completely insane if they wanted to or she could really figure out how to hone in some new skills and be really helpful." Be sure to check out how it all comes together when Civil War launches on May 6 and keep your eyes open tomorrow for our follow-up interview with a mysterious #TeamCaptain member. Which side are you on?

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