Could Ben Affleck's Batman standalone movie begin with a huge Arkham prison break?

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Some plot details for Ben Affleck's Batman solo film have been revealed, and there are a lot of villains! Check out the scoop on the Caped Crusader's standalone movie below.

Monday September 26th will be a very special day for a lot of people, but for the majority it may have flown under the radar. Wait, did I forget about Mother's Day?! Not to worry, nothing that special, but among DC fans, September 26, 2016 is known as Batman Day, the anniversary of the character's debut in Detective Comics. In celebration of the upcoming Batman Day, The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez dropped some scoop on Ben Affleck's solo Batman film, and it's very revealing. He said, "What scoop can I give you on #BatmanDay? The standalone film DOES NOT take place entirely in Arkham with all the vaillains on the loose." So what does this tell us about Ben Affleck's film? Well the first thing is that the movie isn't set entirely in Arkham Asylum as some expected it would be.

The second thing this tweet reveals is that at some point, all the villains are on the loose in Arkham Asylum, so presumably we'll get to see Batman fighting them off as he tries to escape, or at least we'll see a riot scene if Batman isn't present. The last thing it tells us is that if all of the villains are on the loose in Arkham, and the movie isn't set entirely in Arkham, then at some point some if not all of the villains are all set loose upon the city. That certainly sounds like an action-packed film! We know that Joe Manganiello has been cast as Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, in Batman's solo film and he's presumed to be the main villain, but this news could mean there are several other villains that Batman will have to contend against.

Hopefully the GCPD can focus on rounding up most of them while Batman focuses in on the ringleader for a more personal story. Either way, Ben Affleck is an Oscar-winning writer and director, so we're sure he'll do a great job. For regular updates on the Batman solo film click the green subscribe button below. And in related news, the first Justice League set photo of Batman's long-time pal Commissioner Gordon has been released! Which villains would you like to see Bats take on in his solo film?

Source: Twitter: @elmayimbe