Doctor Strange: Dan Harmon may have dropped a huge villain SPOILER

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Dan Harmon has been writing some additional scenes for Doctor Strange and he may have revealed a major spoiler about a potential classic villain.

WARNING: Potential Doctor Strange SPOILERS below...

Last week we learned that Dan Harmon had been brought in to write some last minutes scenes for Doctor Strange. Harmon is most well-known for creating the cult hit TV shows Community and Rick & Morty, however he hasn't worked on a superhero film before. Yet, Marvel likes to do things a bit differently. They hired Taika Waititi, who's most famous for his work in comedy, to direct Thor: Raganrok for instance. Harmon's shows have certainly proved that he's well versed in superhero lore. He often references comic books in his TV shows. Maybe he'll help give Doctor Strange a bit of a comedic lift. We've now got news that Harmon may have dropped a big spoiler relating to one of the villains in the movie. And we aren't talking about Mad Mikkelsen's Kaecilius, who described himself as Death and pain in the recent trailer.

During his Harmontown Podcast from this year's Comic-Con, fans have spotted that one of Harmon's videos actually teased one of Doctor Strange's oldest villains. Back then we didn't know that he was working on the project, so naturally we didn't take much notice of it. During this video, Harmon opened his recent documents on his computer. This video was intended to tease Community fans for a possible revival of the show, however Reddit user Bifrost51 spotted that one of the documents he had been working on was called "Strange Confronts Dormammu." Dormammu is one of Strange's oldest and most powerful villains. He's from another dimension, is pure evil, has a giant flaming head and in many ways is the dark to Strange's light. Do you think that Dormammu will turn up in Doctor Strange?

Source: Reddit: @Bifrost51