Doctor Strange wants to save lives in the new TV spot

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Another TV spot for the upcoming Doctor Strange film has been released, with this one focusing on Stephen Strange's desire to save lives. Check out the TV spot below!

Scott Derrickson has explained to fans of the comics why they will love the Doctor Strange film, and for us here at melty, the major pull of the movie is the introduction of magic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We've seen aliens and plenty of people with superpowers, but we're about to see a whole different side to the Marvel universe as we step into the mystical realm. This handy little Doctor Strange infographic goes some way into preparing us for what to expect with the upcoming Marvel film, but what's really intriguing about it is that we're stepping into the unknown. While Marvel comic book fans may have some inkling as to what storylines will be adapted, once magic has been introduced into that world there are infinite possibilities as to where Marvel might take their cinematic universe next, and that's incredibly exciting! Check out the newest TV spot for the film below.

The Marvel title card transition immediately singles Doctor Strange out as a different type of Marvel film, and we're curious to see whether it keeps the tone of the rest of the MCU or if it strikes a markedly different one, since it does seem a little less light-hearted than your usual Marvel movie. So what does the latest TV spot tell us about the film? It appears to suggest that the reason Stephen Strange delves into the mystical arts is not just out of ambition and curiosity, but so that he can save more lives. Visually Doctor Strange looks like the best film Marvel has produced yet, and the Inception-esque vibe is strong. We imagine that Christopher Nolan would have a great time with the Doctor Strange sequel if Derrickson decided not to return! For regular updates on Doctor Strange click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited for Doctor Strange?

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