Does (SPOILER) escape Negan in new The Walking Dead Season 7 leaks?

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Rumours from The Walking Dead set hint a key character survived Negan but is still running from the Saviors. Read on for potential Season 7 spoilers!

Word is finally trickling out of The Walking Dead's highly active, yet highly guarded Georgia set as filming for Season 7 ratchets up. We've heard whisperings that the Negan bat scene may have already been shot in studio away from prying eyes. Just last week Facebook fan page The Spoiling Dead Fans suggested interior scenes of Sanctuary, the Saviors' main headquarters, were currently in production. Those rumours now seem to be confirmed, as fresh sightings from The Spoiling Dead Fans' many ears on the ground claim Daryl has wrestled free of the Savior stronghold and is now leading an intense chase scene around the outdoor set. According to reports, Dwight, Daryl, Negan and other Saviors were filming at Sanctuary, and at some point a car chase was filmed. "Dwight and a few other Saviors were rumored to be pursuing a runaway Savior. At some point they wreck and there was also gunfire heard. It's believed someone gets shot."

These claims are supported by blurry shots of what's believed to be Negan's war truck blaring through the rundown post-apocalyptic set and surrounding forest. While showcreators may want to downplay the events of last season's finale, with The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman batting away Negan and Lucille quesions, these spoilers do suggest that Daryl, for one, was spared the bludgeoning. Although he clearly isn't out of trouble yet. Indeed, later filming suggests he makes an abortive escape attempt from the Savior basecamp, while Daryl's trademark vest was seen on somebody else's back! While both Normun Reedus and Steve Yuen were spotted on the Georgia set as early as a week and a half ago, Glenn's suspicious absence holds out small hope for his continuity in Season 7. These are still early days as far as production goes, and many characters have yet to show up. Nevertheless, Daryl is already one big check off of the list of Negan's potential victims. Who could be next?

Source: Facebook: The Spoiling Dead Fans

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