E3 2016: Hideo Kojima's new game is called Death Stranding and will be on PlayStation 4

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Living legend, Hideo Kojima, strolled onto the stage during PlayStation's E3 2016 press conference to announce his upcoming game, Death Stranding, which will feature The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

Hideo Kojima had a bit of a tough time about it with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It was a fantastic game, but there was a very public breakup between Kojima and Konami, which resulted in Kojima leaving the company after years of service. But Sony were there to welcome him with open arms. So Kojima opened Kojima Productions and started work on a new game. We hadn't seen anything from it before this E3 conference, but we know now what it'll be called since we've seen the very first teaser trailer. The game's called Death Stranding and it features Norman Reedus as the lead and we can't wait to see it. Check out the trailer below courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames' YouTube channel.

The reason this is such exciting news is simple. Firstly, it's Hideo Kojima's first game since Metal Gear Solid 5, which is widely considered to be a masterpiece, and secondly, it looks so beautifully strange and eery. Cast your minds back to a few E3s ago, when something called P.T. was released. It was a 'playable teaser' for Silent Hills, which was sadly cancelled, but this game was going to feature The Walking Dead's Reedus and was going to be join venture between Guillermo Del Toro and Kojima. We're not going to get to see this game, which was one of the most terrifying games we've ever played, but Death Stranding looks incredible. We can't wait to play. For more on all things E3, such as The Last Guardian's release date, and the new God of War announcement, keep it here at melty. Are you excited for Hideo Kojima's next game?

Source: YouTube: @RabidRetrospectGames