Fear The Walking Dead: Danay Garcia teases Luciana's fate

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Nick and Luciana's hopes were shattered in the Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 finale by a surprise attack from a border control group. Danay Garcia weighs in on Luciana's fate in Season 3

Fear The Walking Dead's Season 2 finale was full of shocking revelations, as Alejandro got bit by a walker and Luciana learned that he is not actually immune to the virus. With the supermarket gangsters on their way to take over La Colonia, Nick urged Alejandro to allow the people to leave and save themselves. Alejandro was stubborn, but finally consented. However he stayed behind and sacrificed himself in order to make sure the gangsters didn't get to live in his town either. Nick and Luciana took La Colonia people to the US-Mexican border, where :Nick saw a helicopter land and believed it to be a refugee camp. However just as the group was crossing the border, some rangers appeared and started shooting at them. Luciana was shot, while Nick was beaten by one of the rangers. The scene that started out so hopeful, ended quite dreadfully and we worry about how La Colonia people will survive without a protected sanctuary.

What we're curious to know is if Luciana survives the gunshot wound, and also falling captive to the rangers. Speaking to Comicbook.com about her character's fate, Danay Garcia declared, "No, I have to survive! Of course, I'm going to survive! Luciana has to survive." She seems pretty certain, but Garcia may not actually have any idea what's in store for her character in Season 3. However we have a good feeling that Luciana will be around for a while. She's a tough cookie! As for the death status on the other characters, FTWD showrunner Dave Erickson confirmed that Chris is really dead, and he also revealed that Daniel Salazar is still alive! Although there aren't any plans for his return at the moment. While we wait to find out what the future holds for the Fear The Walking Dead characters, AMC has released another webseries. This one's called "Passage" and Part 1 begins at an overrun refugee camp. Do you think that Luciana will survive?

Source: Comicbook.com