Fear The Walking Dead: Daniel Salazar is still alive!

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We're still reeling from the Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 finale that ended on a rather sad and discouraging note. But there's some good news, as showrunner Dave Erickson has revealed that Daniel is not dead!

Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season ended with an insane two-part finale that saw nearly all of the characters completely changed from the start of the season. The biggest, and most shocking, change definitely goes to Travis, who brutally killed Brandon and Derek after learning that they had killed his son Chris at the end of FTWD Season 2: Episode 14. Travis completely lost control and even harmed hotel guest Oscar in the process. As Oscar's life hung in the balance Travis was exiled from the hotel and Madison and Alicia decided to leave with him. But when Oscar died his brother Andres came after Travis, prompting Alicia to then kill Andres to protect he step-father figure. Check out our FTWD Season 2: Episode 15 recap if you missed the finale for some unfathomable reason.

Meanwhile Ofelia's basically been on her own, first mentally and then physically, since her father perished in the fire at the Abigail compound. She decided to leave the group and head off on her own seemingly in search of her former fiancé. Ofelia made it across the border back into America, but soon found herself being shot at before coming face to face with a stranger who kinda looks like her father. This American stranger, played by Sons of Anarchy star Dayton Callie, welcomed Ofelia to the US, however we have no idea whether he's friend or foe.

Following the Season 2 finale, Comicbook.com's Brandon Davis caught up with FTWD's showrunner Dave Erickson and talk turned to Ofelia's father Daniel, whose death was not actually seen onscreen. Erickson revealed: "In my mind, he is not dead. What's important is that Ofelia thinks he's dead because that led to her run....my hope is we will figure out a way for Daniel Salazar to return, maybe in Season 3....He is not dead." So to complete her transformation Ofelia needed to believe that she had lost both her mother and father and is all alone in the world. But as it turns out, fan favorite Daniel is still kicking and we can't wait to see him back on our screen. Are you happy to hear that Daniel isn't dead?

Source: Comicbook.com