Fear The Walking Dead: Dave Erickson previews the new border storyline

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Seeing Nick, Luciana and La Colonia people approach the US-Mexican border was an extremely hopeful moment, that turned into a bloodbath when a militia group starting shooting at them. Read on for more details about this new Fear The Walking Dead storyline

We have a while to wait until Fear The Walking Dead returns to our screens, but luckily we have The Walking Dead to hold us over (and absolutely horrify us in the process) until then. AMC has also released another webseries, the first of which, titled "Flight 462," saw the onset of the zombie apocalypse go down. This year's webseries is called "Passage" and begins in an overrun refugee camp. But based on the synopsis we have a feeling that the setting will change. The synopsis reads: "A fearsome survivor agrees to help an injured woman in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary." The camp that we've seen so far in "Passage" is reminiscent of the southern California and Mexican landscape in Fear The Walking Dead, so could it possibly overlap with FTWD Season 3? Check out "Passage" Part 2 if you haven't seen it yet.

Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season ended with Nick and Luciana taking the La Colonia people to what looked like a refugee camp across the US-Mexican border. But before they could cross the border a group of men appeared from the US side and started shooting at them. The La Colonia people scattered and Luciana was shot, although actress Danay Garcia has declared that "Luciana has to survive." When asked if this militia group is the show's new Big Bad, showrunner Dave Erickson responded, "Yes and no." He then explained (via Comicbook.com), "What we wanted to do going into Season 3 was really tell the border story. We started introducing elements north of the border since we haven't been there for quite some time, just to begin that story. I think we're going to possibly find our characters on either side who are straddling the border. We're going to introduce some new elements that are in or just outside of Tijuana in Season 3." Are you excited to see more of this border storyline?

Source: Comicbook.com