Fear The Walking Dead's Danay Garcia dishes on Luciana and Nick's Season 3 storyline

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Danay Garcia's Fear The Walking Dead character has been a fighter from the get-go. Check out what the actress teased is in store for Luciana and Nick in Season 3

Danay Garcia's Luciana was introduced to Fear The Walking Dead fans in the mid-Season 2 premiere. Since then she and Nick have certainly had their ups and downs, and a romance has come from it. Speaking to Daily Dead about Luciana and Nick's relationship, actress Danay Garcia explained, "These two people are like orphans of the apocalypse. He's an orphan by choice. He left his family and he decided to go on his own to figure things out. I'm an orphan, not by choice, but certainly we share the same pain and the same commonality of pain and the same needs to be loved and cared for, despite the fact that everybody's dying."

The actress continued, "We are used to losing people, we are used to people dying, and the really scary part is when you get to a point that you don't know whether you really want to commit or whether love really exists." When we last saw the couple, they were getting shot at by a miltia group at the US-Mexican border. Luciana was shot and Garcia has teased her character's fate, but we think it's safe to say that Luciana will survive.

For the upcoming Season 3, Garcia shared, "I am excited about how [Luciana]'s going to get out of this. I am excited to see how she's going to negotiate with these complete strangers that took over and killed my people and completely just took over my life. These people are not infected. They think and they're very smart and they're equipped. They're not fighting with a little stick. They have guns and they are prepared to kill me if I'm not smart. This is not a challenge that requires physical [action], it's more mental. How can you really get out of this situation alive? How can you really be so in tune with them and this new world, because it's America now. These people are not Mexicans, they are Americans. How she can adapt to this in order to negotiate and to get out of the situation?"

Garcia is also looking forward to seeing how Luciana and Nick work together to handle this predicament, seeing how Nick is the one who got them into this mess. We're sure that he will feel guilty about leading the people of Colonia into danger, so we're very excited to see how Nick and Luciana interact with this new group, especially since it's been revealed that the leader of the border militia is a formidable female. What are your predictions for Nick and Luciana's storyline at the border?

Source: Daily Dead