Fear The Walking Dead's showrunner teases Madison and Nick's reunion

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Fear The Walking Dead's mid-season finale saw the Abigail crew splinter off into different groups. The characters are still separated in the Season 2 finale, but will Season 3 see them all reunite?

Fear The Walking Dead's explosive sophomore season ended quite heartbreakingly as Nick, Luciana, and the survivors of La Colonia left their home and made their way to the US-Mexican border. Nick saw a helicopter land in in what he believed was a refugee camp on the US side of the border. However as they began to cross, a group of American rangers opened fire on them. The La Colonia people scattered and ran, Luciana was shot, and a man gave Nick a nasty beating. Nick has really turned over a new leaf since being the druggie we first met in the FTWD pilot. Nick wanted to help the people at La Colonia and protect them from the gangsters, but now we see that he only led them into more danger. Check out ourFear The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 15 recap if you need a refresher on what went down in the finale.

When asked about the place that Nick mistook for a refugee camp, showrunner Dave Erickson told Entertainment Weekly, "There is a very good chance we’ll visit that place. We may not stay there very long. In terms of narrative direction in Season 3, we are putting our characters on a collision course, ultimately. And I think a lot of those threads will start to come together. And we will hopefully have a Madison/Nick reunion at some point, and we’ll actually start to thread these things back into some family dynamic. But it’s safe to say we’ll be spending a little bit of time north of the border, as well as south of the border, in Season 3." So it sounds like Travis, Madison and Alicia will also head up to the border. And even though Strand stayed behind at the Rosarito Hotel, Erickson revealed that Strand has a plan and he's already figuring what his next steps will be in Season 3. We take this to mean that Madison and Strand will eventually reunite as well.

Ofelia also made her way up to the US border in the finale, but was taken by a new mysterious character, played by Sons of Anarchy's Dayton Callie. It remains to be seen whether he's a friend or foe, but Erickson shared: "He’s made up in much the same way the gentlemen at the border crossing are, so, yeah, there’s a world in which those two lines are going to come together when we get to Season 3." It looks like we can also expect to see Ofelia eventually reunite with her old Abigail crew. And with Erickson confirming that Daniel Salazar is still alive, we can't wait to see if he reemerges in Season 3! Do you hope to see the Abigail group all back together again?

Source: Entertainment Weekly