Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 to have a new female villain

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We still have a while to wait until Fear The Walking Dead returns to our screens (first we have to survive Season 7 of The Walking Dead!), but viewers can get excited about seeing a new female antagonist in Season 3

A LOT went down in Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season. The Clark/Manawa/Salazar clan started off on Strand's yacht, but when they finally made it down to Mexico, the group split up in the mid-season finale. Nick went off on his own and joined a community called La Colonia. Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand found refuge in a hotel, before Ofelia disappeared to go on her own solo journey. Travis and Chris ventured off too, but Chris slowly descended down a dark path that led to his death. Upon learning about his son's demise after reuniting with Madison, Travis snapped and brutally murdered the two boys who ended Chris' life.

We can't really say that the back half of the season went well for any of the characters, and the finale ended with a cliffhanger as Nick, Luciana and the people of La Colonia made it to the US-Mexican border only to be attacked by a militia group. Showrunner Dave Erickson has previewed this new border storyline, and it turns out that the militia is led by a woman.

Speaking to Comicbook.com, Erickson revealed, "There's gonna be a new prominent character, who we're gonna meet south of the border, who is going to have an impact on Nick and Luciana, and Strand most likely. She will become somebody, I think, who can rival any of the powerful characters we've had on the show or will have on the show. The idea is to create opposing forces on either side of the border and see what happens when they end up in conflict and what happens if our family is on opposite sides of the conflict."

AMC's new webseries Passage follows Sierra and Gabi as they search for an underground tunnel that will hopefully lead them to safety. In the latest webisode, Passage Part 8, the ladies have just descended into the tunnel, but it doesn't look to be as safe as they thought. Passage webisodes will return in February alongside The Walking Dead Season 7, and we believe that one of the two women will end up being the leader of the border control group. Sierra is the more likely of the two, but it would be a great surprise and some major character development if this new prominent character turned out to be Gabi. Do you think that Sierra or Gabi could possibly be the new female leader?

Source: Comicbook.com