Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 will introduce new faces and bring some of the family back together

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 saw the Abigail clan fracture into separate groups, and it sounds like a big family reunion isn't happening any time soon. Although fans can look forward to meeting new characters in Season 3

With the way that Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season ended, we can't help but be worried for the characters, especially poor Nick and Luciana who took all the people from La Colonia to what they believed was a refugee camp only to be shot at by a militia group. Showrunner Dave Erickson has already previewed the border storyline in Season 3, which will surely introduce some new characters into the mix.

When asked in an interview with Daily Dead if we could be seeing the return of some familiar faces, such as Jack and the pirates or Alex from Flight 462, Erickson replied, "I feel like there are certain characters that are out there. They're in play. They're definitely not dead. I think Alex is alive. I think Jack is alive. It's nice, in a way, because it means, as we continue to break, we could break Season 3, if there are opportunities to bring more characters into the fold, we can do that." We would love to see more interaction between Alicia and Jack, especially since Alicia has changed exponentially since the start of Season 2. And let's not overlook how fascinating it would be to see Alex and Travis in the same vicinity now that Travis has broken bad.

The showrunner also added, "My hope is there's a world in which we see the return of Daniel Salazar." Following the Season 2 finale, Erickson confirmed that Daniel survived the fire at Celia's compound and is still alive, although that doesn't necessarily mean Rubén Blades will reprise his role as Daniel Salazar any time soon.

As for the divided family, whose relationships the show was centered around in Season 1, Erickson said, "One of the challenges for us is that since we did fracture the narrative as we did, the primary challenge is to bring some of our family back together, but do that as organically as possible. It's really a picking and choosing process. You can only cross so many characters in one season before it starts to strain credibility. That will be the main narrative test for us, is when do we feel like we're adding so much that it's ultimately subtracting from the story?" Erickson has previously teased Madison and Nick's reunion in Season 3, which would definitely be interesting to see. Which characters are you hoping to see in the next season of Fear The Walking Dead?

Source: Daily Dead