Fear The Walking Dead showrunner talks Madison and Alicia's evolving relationship

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Madison and Alicia's mother-daughter relationship has been on shaky ground since even before the apocalypse, but things between them improved in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 and it will continue into the next season

Ever since the start of Fear The Walking Dead, Madison and Alicia have had a fractured relationship since Madison was always more focused on Nick, and therefore seemed to love him more. With Nick going off on his own in Season 2's mid-season finale, Alicia finally got a chance to bond with her mom in a way she never had before, and she also established herself as more of an adult. However Madison risked everything to send Nick a sign by turning on the Rosarito Hotel's neon light at night. This attracted countless survivors seeking refuge, but Nick wasn't one of them. Speaking to Daily Dead, FTWD showrunner Dave Erickson sums up Madison and Alicia's relationship saying, "Overall they're in a better place."

Madison, Alicia and Travis left the hotel in the Season 2 finale, and Erickson explained, "The decision to leave the hotel and pursue Nick was ultimately something that was Alicia's idea. Alicia was the one who stepped up and said, 'We're not going to actually let them throw out Travis. We need to hold onto the people that we do love, and the people that are the closest to us.' That includes Nick. She's actually at a point where she now has a confidence, if that makes sense, just because she better understands why. Nick is not a challenge to her, a challenge for her mother's love anymore, and that has given her a sense of purpose, in some respects." Erickson has teased that Madison and Nick will be reunited in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 so we're interested to see how the Clark family dynamic has changed.

Not only was it Alicia's idea to leave the hotel with Travis, she also killed Andres to protect Travis in the finale. (Here's our Fear The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 15 recap if you still haven't seen it for some reason.) Erickson touched on Alicia's surprising act and revealed, "Alicia, she's now taken a life, which was the one thing Madison never wanted her to do, or never expected she would do. It's fine for her, it's fine for Travis, it's somewhat expected with Nick, and the idea that Alicia has now crossed that line in defending Travis, it shatters them a little bit, and in some respects, we will find out that it bonds Madison and Alicia even more, tragically." Are you excited to see how Madison and Alicia's relationship develops in Season 3?

Source: Daily Dead