Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 1

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Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead recently ended, but we can now watch the onset of the zombie apocalypse in AMC's latest webseries "Passage". Check out Part 1 below

Fear The Walking Dead wrapped up Season 2 with multiple storylines for the fractured Abiagil crew. Travis reunited with Madison at the Rosarito Hotel, but his violent actions up learning about Chris' death led him to be exiled. Madison and Alicia left the hotel with Travis, but Strand stayed behind. FTWD showrunner Dave Erickson has revealed that Strand has a plan for the future, and a reason for remaining at the hotel.

Meanwhile Ofelia crossed over the border into the US, but was quickly captured by a mysterious man. Elsewhere along the border Nick, Luciana and the La Colonia people tried to cross and make their way to what looked like a refugee camp, but the were attacked and shot at by rangers. Speaking of this new border location, it sounds like Travis, Madison and Alicia will head north, which could lead to a Madison-Nick reunion in FTWD Season 3. The finale left us with a lot of questions, but we now have a new AMC offering to keep us distracted.

Fear The Walking Dead is the sister series of AMC's hit series The Walking Dead, and the family continues to grow with another webseries. First there was Flight 462, which is comprised of 16 one-minute episodes featuring the onset of the zombie apocalypse on a plane. (SPOILER ALERT) The plane crashes, but the two survivors, Alex and Jake, briefly appear in Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season. We're holding out hope that Alex will turn up in Season 3!

AMC now presents a new 16-part webseries, titled "Passage", which seemingly depicts the early stages of the apocalypse on the ground at a camp similar to the where Nick ended up in FTWD Season 1. Part 1 begins with a tattered American flag blowing in the wind. We then see someone wearing a hazmat suit walking around the deserted camp. Dust is flying everywhere and dead bodies litter the ground. The person hears a noise and sees a woman run by, before two walkers attack from behind. Hazmat person knows what to do as they stab the walkers in the head. The girl briefly seeks refuge behind a car before running away. What do you think of AMC's latest webseries offering?

Source: YouTube: @Tiki312