Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 2

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AMC's latest webseries "Passage" has a new installment that ties in with the synopsis. Check out Part 2 below to meet another key player

Following The Walking Dead's traumatising Season 7 premiere, viewers got another glimpse at AMC's new webseries "Passage". The first installment of "Passage" introduced a refugee camp overrun by zombies. A guy in a hazmat suit walks around the camp and kills a couple of walkers. We also saw a very scared woman run by and hide behind a car. Part 2 picks up from here with the woman continuing to hide, but another woman, who we're going to call Knife Chick, appears out of nowhere and confronts Scared Girl.

This new character holds up a knife to Scared Girl's throat and asks, "Why are you following me?" Scared Girl responds, "I've watched you. You can kill them, I can't." Knife Chick then pushes her follower up against a walker in a hazmat suit, stabs the walker in the head and starts to walk away. But Scared Girl runs after her, begging, "Don't leave me!" Knife Chick holds up her weapon as a warning, then asks what happened to Scared Girl's ankle. She explains, "I twisted it on the road, it's just a sprain. I'm not bitten. Please. I'll die alone."

Knife Chick doesn't look entirely convinced, but based on the "Passage" synopsis it seems safe to say that she helps out Scared Girl. The webseries' synopsis reads: "A fearsome survivor agrees to help an injured woman in exchange for an apocalyptic sanctuary." We'll let you figure out who's who. It's unknown if one of the characters from "Passage" will appear in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, like Alex and Jake from Flight 462 showed up in FTWD Season 2. However the location of this new webseries looks like it could take place along, or near, the US-Mexican border, where things didn't turn out quite as expected for Nick and Luciana. (Despite Luciana getting shot by the border control guys, actress Danay Garcia is confident that her character survives.) So we're curious to see more of the apocalyptic sanctuary that Scared Girl seems to know about, perhaps it ties in with FTWD Season 3 in some way. What you do think of AMC's new webisodes?

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