Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 3

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The latest episode of "Passage" seems to tie in with Fear The Walking Dead's Season 3 storyline. Watch the clip for Part 3 below to find out what the new characters are up to

AMC's new webseries is in full swing with another new episode. The previous "Passage" installment saw the two characters unite, however this isn't exactly the start of a beautiful friendship. Knife Chick is super guarded, while Scared Girl clearly needs a helping hand. Scared Girl is hurt after twisting her ankle, so she follows seemingly the only other person left alive at the refugee camp, and she's in luck because Knife Chick is a fearless badass. But now she has to convince Knife Chick to help her, which won't be easy. Check out Passage Part 2 if you missed it before watching the latest clip below. Part 3 of Passage sees Scared Girl and Knife Chick climb up a ladder and seek refuge from the infected in a look out post. Knife Chick cleans her weapon on the hazmat suit she's wearing and tells Scared Girl, "We have no where to go." However Scared Girl reveals that she knows of a place.

Knife Chick is in disbelief, and responds, "If you knew of a safe place you'd be at it." Scared Girl shares that the place she's talking about is south, in Mexico. Knife Chick still isn't convinced, "The border's swarming with sick. Folks trying to get south and north when this all went down," she says. Scared Girl reveals that they can avoid all that by taking a secret tunnel. "My boyfriend was border patrol, he sees the tunnel after all this started. He went ahead to see if it was safe." "And he didn't come back? What does that tell you?" Knife Chick asks. Scared Girl replies, "You need a place to go, I can't get there alone. We both benefit." Knife Chick finally agrees to help Scared Girl, but she makes it known that she doesn't need her to survive. Fear The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson previewed the new US-Mexico border storyline in Season 3 and we would love to see "Passage" tie into it somehow. What do you think of Passage's latest episode?

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