Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 4

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AMC's new webseries, "Passage", is back with another episode and in Part 4 we learn a bit more about the two women, Gabi and Sierra.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 will introduce a new setting - the border between the US and Mexico. FTWD showrunner Dave Erickson has spoken about bringing more characters into the fold in the upcoming season, which means we could very well see the stars of AMC's new webseries "Passage" cross paths with Nick or Madison. "Passage" Part 3 revealed that Gabi, who we've been referring to as Scared Girl, knows of a safe place in Mexico. Sierra, aka Knife Chick, is skeptical, saying that the border is swarming with infected as people tried to move both north and south when the apocalypse hit. But Gabi declares that there's an underground tunnel that they can use to cross the border and although Sierra isn't entirely convinced, she agrees to help.

The episode sees Sierra walking through the desert while Gabi struggles to keep up. Gabi tries to make some conversation by asking if Sierra is from there. When Sierra responds, "No," Gabi continues by asking her new comrade where she's from. Sierra relents that she's from Los Angeles. We're guessing that the two women are in San Diego. Sierra shares, "I left when the military moved in... the bombs followed us." So that means that Sierra was with someone who she lost. When Gabi says that she's sorry for Sierra's loss, Sierra just tells her to pick up the pace, despite knowing that Gabi has a sprained ankle. Sierra doesn't seem to be big on feelings.

Gabi declares that Sierra isn't the only one who's lost someone, as she explains, "My sister didn't make it; I didn't know how to stop them." This clearly strikes a chord in Sierra because she stops and gives Gabi an impromptu lesson on how to kill the infected. Sierra instructs Gabi to "aim for the temple, brain stem or eye - anywhere that penetrates the brain." She then hands Gabi the knife to try it for herself. Do you think Gabi will get the hang of taking down walkers?

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