Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 5

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Fear The Walking Dead's webseires Passage, is well underway as Sierra and Gabi continue on their journey to a secret underground tunnel. Find out what happens next in Part 5 below

While The Walking Dead Season 7 continues to keep us on the edge of our seats, we've also been enjoying AMC's latest webseries, Passage, which appears during TWD's commercial break. Despite Passage appearing alongside TWD episodes, it's actually attached to sister series Fear The Walking Dead. Passage follows AMC's first webseries offering, Flight 462, which saw two of its characters appear in Fear The Walking Dead's sophomore season. Does this mean there's a chance we could see Sierra and/or Gabi in Season 3? We hope so! The two have really grown on us, even though we've only seen about four minutes of action from them thus far. We admire how fierce Sierra is, but we totally understand Gabi's trepidation - it is the early stages of the apocalypse after all. Passage Part 3 revealed that Gabi knows of a safe haven, but she definitely needs Sierra's help to have any chance of getting there.

Passage Part 5 sees Sierra and Gabi crawl through a hole in the fence of an abandoned construction site. Once inside, Sierra asks Gabi which way they should go, to which Gabi replies: "Follow me." As Gabi is walking through the site a walker appears and tries to attack her. Luckily for Gabi the walker is restrained by chains, since Gabi clearly didn't retain anything Sierra taught her in Passage Part 4 and cowers in fear instead. Sierra tries to turn this into a hands-on learning experience; she pulls the walker's leash to yank him back and hands Gabi her knife. As the walker comes back over Sierra encourages Gabi to kill it. Gabi insists that she can't, but Sierra tells Gabi that she's stronger than she thinks. It looks like Gabi has mustered up the courage to kill the walker, but as she's raising the knife someone from afar shoots the walker and leaves Gabi with blood splattered all over her head. Both Gabi and Sierra then look around in surprise. Do you think the person who shot the walker is a friend or foe?

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