Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 6

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There's an unexpected reunion in Fear The Walking Dead's Passage Part 6. Check out the new character that joins Sierra and Gabi below.

Gabi and Sierra have come a long way since they met in the very first webisode of Passage. Gabi hurt her foot and knew that she needed to team up with someone stronger if she's going to survive - especially since she doesn't even know how to kill the infected. Sierra, on the other hand, seems like more of a lone wolf; she can definitely handle things all on her own. So Gabi's lucky that she has vital information about a safe haven, otherwise Sierra would not have wasted her time on Gabi. The two women are vastly different, but they seem to be developing a nice friendship. Sierra tells Gabi how to kill the infected, but in Passage Part 5 Gabi freezes up as a walker on a chain comes towards her. Sierra tries to turn this into a learning experience for Gabi, as she encourages Gabi saying that she's stronger than she thinks. But before Gabi can kill the walker, someone beats her to it.

Part 6 of AMC's webseries Passage begins with a man standing in a shipping container holding a gun, and when Gabi sees him she says in disbelief, "Colton?" It turns out that Gabi knows the person who shot the walker, it's her boyfriend! Colton responds with, "You're alive." Gabi admits that she never thought she'd see him again, while Colton exclaims that he can't believe she's there, having thought that he lost her when the bombs fell. Colton then notices Sierra and asks Gabi who she is. Gabi explains that Sierra is the one who go her there, and Colton says that he's thankful to her. Colton then asks Gabi if she told anyone else about the tunnel, and Gabi reassures him that Sierra is the only one. When Colton asks about Gabi's sister, Gabi gets emotional and says, "We waited as long as we could. You said you'd come back." Colton comforts Gabi with a hug, but gives Sierra a weird look. We don't trust this guy. Do you think Colton can be trusted?

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