Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 7

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Gabi's been reunited with Colton, but who exactly is Colton and can he be trusted? We have some opinions after watching Passage Part 7. Watch it below and decide for yourself!

AMC's webseries Passage just added another player. Sierra agreed to help Gabi get to an underground tunnel that leads to safety. Gabi's boyfriend is the one that her told her about the secret tunnel, and guess who she reunited with in Passage Part 6, that's right her boyfriend Colton. We should be happy that Gabi is back with her long, lost boyfriend, but we're not because there's something weird about him. We think it's the look he gave Sierra. Just as Gabi was about the kill her first walker in Passage Part 5, Colton appears out of no where and shoots it, which The Walking Dead fans know will attract more walkers who heard the noise. Check out what happens in Part 7 below.

Passage Part 7 picks up with Sierra telling Gabi and Colton that the noise from the gunshot will bring more walkers. Colton agrees, saying that it's not safe there. He grabs Gabi's hand and leads her into the shipping container, he then turns over a table which reveals a hidden ladder that leads underground. Colton tells Gabi, "Head down, I'll be right behind you." As Gabi is climbing down the ladder she stops and says, "Sierra too." Colton replies, "Yeah of course, I just need to shut the entrance after us." But once Gabi is down in the underground tunnel, Colton turns to Sierra and declares, "I can't let you down." Sierra explains that she just wants to get somewhere safe, but Colton is worried that she will tells others about the tunnel. "I can't have that," he says before raising his gun to shoot her. We knew he couldn't be trusted! But Sierra is quicker and stabs Colton's arm with her knife and then the back of his leg. Sierra then scrambles down the ladder into the tunnel as Colton pulls the knife out of his leg. Do you think Gabi and Sierra will be safe in the tunnel?

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