Fear The Walking Dead webisode: Passage Part 8

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Gabi and Sierra have finally made it to the secret tunnel, but it might not be as safe as they thought. Find out what goes down in Fear The Walking Dead: Passage Part 8 below

AMC's latest webseries Passage is really coming along, and we've already seen some character growth despite there only being less than eight minutes of actual footage thus far. Sierra and Gabi have been traveling companions, but Passage Part 6 saw Gabi reunite with her long, lost boyfriend (the one who told her about the secret underground tunnel to Mexico) Colton, and it changes everything. We knew there was something off about Colton and that he's not to be trusted, and he proved us right when he tried to kill Sierra after sending Gabi down into the tunnel in Passage Part 7. But we've said from the beginning that Sierra is one badass chick and she's a force to be reckoned with. She took Colton by surprise by getting the upper hand and stabbing him before he could do any harm. You go girl!

Fear The Walking Dead: Passage Part 8 begins with Sierra hurrying down the ladder into the tunnel, while Colton yells out, "Gabi, don't move! It's not safe down there!" Gabi asks Sierra what happened. Sierra replies that Colton tried to kill her. Gabi is shocked to hear this and asks, "Why?" Colton continues to call out to Gabi from above ground. Sierra tells Gabi, "He left you behind. You don't need him," and begins to walk off into the tunnel. Gabi hesitates for a moment, looking up at the hole at the top of the ladder. Sierra calls out, "Let's go!" But as she runs further into the tunnel, her foot pushes a tripwire. Uh-oh, it looks like this tunnel is booby-trapped and unfortunately we won't find out what happens to Sierra until Passage returns alongside The Walking Dead Season 7 in February. Do you think Sierra will survive?

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