Fifty Shades Darker, check out our top five moments from the trailer!

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Fifty Shades Darker will see the return of old friends, fireworks and a great deal of smooching. Take a look as we go through the trailer's top five moments! But beware, this article contains spoilers.

1. Christian wins Ana back

The Fifty Shades Darker trailer has finally arrived, and amongst fireworks and pretty dresses, Ana and Christian's future is full of trials and tribulations. It begins as Christian and Ana get ready for the Grey's Masquerade Ball, but before any of that can happen, the steamy couple need to make amends. Fifty Shades of Grey ended as elevator doors closed behind a teary Ana, after she was punished by Christian with a drastic whipping. But it seems as though all it took to forgive him was a bunch of white roses and a surprise appearance at an art gallery, piece of cake. Although things will now be on her terms, as Ana says, "This time, no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets." Will Christian be able to stick to these conditions?

2. The couple attend Mr. and Mrs. Grey's Masquerade Charity Ball

Christian and Ana then make their grand debut as a fully fledged couple at Mr. and Mrs. Grey's Masquerade Charity Ball, which was first previewed in the film's teaser trailer. They both look effortlessly chic (Ana especially), as they make they way through the crowd, with Christian's bodyguard, Jason Taylor close behind them. Ana is then auctioned off as Christian bids $100,000 to have the first dance with her. The couple take the dance moves they first practised in Fifty Shades of Grey out in public for the first time, and they celebrate by having a quickie in the back room. Their fun however, is short lived.

3. They encounter old friends

Enter Elena Lincoln, or Mrs. Robinson as she's known to Ana. Elena first introduced Christian to the world of BDSM, and seeing the happy couple attend the ball together does not make her happy. Elena corners Ana at the ball, and not only does Ana learn that her boyfriend and the older woman are still friends and business partners, but Elena even attempts to plant seeds of doubt in Ana's mind that Christian isn't the type to be with a girl like her. More trouble for Ana appears as she wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a vision of Leila Williams, Christian's ex-submissive. It seems as though she has a new stalker on her hands.

4. Christian is in a helicopter crash

During the trailer, Ana is cornered by her boss, Jack Hyde at Seattle Independent Publishing. After he tries to make a move on her, she runs out of the office, bumps into Christian who owns SIP, and subsequently has Jack fired. Jack and Christian were in the same foster home together and he's always hated the fact that Christian was adopted by the Greys, instead of him. Jack aims to get revenge by sabotaging his rival's helicopter as Christian travels from Portland to Seattle for his birthday. Luckily for Ana, Christian survives.

5. Ana says yes?

In E. L. James' novel, Christian proposes to Ana as he realises that, unsurprisingly, all the drama is really starting to get to her. She, again unsurprisingly, needs time to think, and it is during this time that Christian has his near-death helicopter experience and Ana comes to understands that she cannot live without him. In the trailer, we see the couple enter a beautiful room decorated with flowers, and a shot of Ana looking towards the sky shows that she's wearing a giant rock on her ring finger. We can safely assume that Ana said yes to Christian's proposal. For all the latest news and updates on Fifty Shades Darker, click the green subscribe button below. What are you most excited to see in Fifty Shades Darker?

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