Fifty Shades Darker director James Foley says shooting the sequels changed the way he see views filmmaking

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The director's torch was passed from Sam Taylor-Johnson to James Foley when it came to filming the Fifty Shades sequels, and it seems as though these films will pave the way for a new era of filmmaking.

Fifty Shades Darker will see James Foley take the reigns over from Sam Taylor-Johnson as director for the final two films in the Fifty Shades franchise, and he's bringing virtual reality technology with him. Foley spoke at the VR Confab at Paramount studios earlier this month on how he used the technique in the highly anticipated sequels. Although we won't be seeing virtual reality in the film's scenes themselves, Deadline reported that Foley got the chance to work with experts by introducing it into the marketing for Fifty Shades Darker. The director explained, “Yeah, there’s marketing materials for behind-the scenes [of Fifty Shades Darker], where after we finished shooting for the day, the actors would stay over and VR people would re-create a facsimile of the scene.” From the sounds of it, virtual reality technology is paving the way for actors and directors to have more freedom in their work.

During post production on Fifty Shades Darker, Foley gave us a sneak peek at the editing process, but his current method could all change with the evolution of filmmaking and the introduction of new technologies such as virtual reality. However, this way of filming and editing will not change the way in which he approaches future project. Foley revealed, “My idea of collecting a crew has always been the same—you meet people that you know have the technical expertise, and then its just what’s in their heart and soul.” This freedom and confidence that Foley has in his team is no doubt one of the reasons why producer Dana Brunetti said the sequels are going to be a lot of fun. How do you feel about virtual reality technology?

Source: Deadline