Fifty Shades Darker: Grey's mother Marcia Gay Harden takes us behind the scenes of Christian's world

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As Fifty Shades Darker filming continues in Vancouver, Grey's mother, played by Marcia Gay Harden, took the helm of the film's Instagram account to take us behind the scenes of Christian's world!

Some movie productions are jealously guarded about any leaked footage getting out into the public. Not Universal's Fifty Shades series, which basks in unofficial coverage any chance it gets, including a crucial helicopter crash scene Jamie Dornan had to withstand only a week ago. Now the production company itself is getting in on the action, equipping Dornan's on-screen mommy played by Marcia Gay Harden with its Instagram account and asking her to go nuts! And what she came up with wasn't so much spoilers as a hint of the tone of the movie when the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel debuts on February 10, 2017.

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Her shots help show off another of the key Vancouver locations the production has taken over in recent weeks. Indeed, the archway featured above looks strikingly similar to the Vancouver set photos of the Grey family mansion shot at Casa Mia in the exclusive West End neighbourhood. Also included in the fun day shoot were selfies with her on-screen son Jamie Dornan and a stunning west coast sunset from the window of her future daughter-in-law Dakota Johnson's room. Check out the rest of her shots and let us know what you think!

Source: Instagram: @FiftyShadesMovie

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