Fifty Shades Darker has some new movie posters

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Excitement for Fifty Shades Darker's release is growing more and more each day, and now fans have some new posters of the sequel to hopefully hold them over until February

Fifty Shades Darker is fast-approaching! The highly-anticipated sequel hits cinemas on February 10, and you can even purchase your tickets for the film on Fandango already. Fans can expect to see Ana and Christian get back together, after Christian pushed Ana too far and she broke up with him in Fifty Shades of Grey. The latest trailer for the upcoming film showed that Darker will be just as sexy, with Ana and Christian even getting down and dirty in public. Oh my! In other exciting Fifty Shades news, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik have teamed up to create Darker's theme song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," which has steadily risen to the top of the charts. Swift will also release a new version of her song "Wildest Dreams" to be featured on Fifty Shades Darker's soundtrack, along with Zayn's hit "Pillowtalk".

It looks like the Greys' Masquerade Ball will be the focal point of Fifty Shades Darker since most of the sequel's promotional material ties in with the event. The film's trailers have already given fans a sneak peek at the Ball and now there are new posters that show Ana and Christian in the Masquerade attire. The first poster sees the pair dancing at the Ball. People wearing masks can be seen in the background and Ana has her mask on, while Christian holds his in his hand at Ana's waist. Ana stares seductively at the camera, while Christian looks down. "EVERY FAIRY TALE HAS A DARK SIDE" is written on the poster.

Then there are the character posters, one of which shows Christian looking at the camera while Anastasia faces him wearing her mask. "NO MORE SECRETS" appears over their faces. In the other poster the roles are reversed as Ana faces the camera with Christian at her side. They are both wearing their masks in this one, along with the phrase "NO MORE RULES," which is one of Ana's terms going forward in their relationship. What do you think of the Fifty Shades Darker posters?

Source: Twitter: @FiftyShades, @UniversalPicsAU