Fifty Shades Darker: Marcia Gay Harden previews Mrs. Grey's interaction with Elena Lincoln

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Fifty Shades Darker will see Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey and Elena Lincoln go head to head and now, Marcia Gay Harden is here to tell us exactly what went down between herself and the legendary Kim Basinger on set.

The Fifty Shades Darker trailer essentially broke the Internet upon its release, and spelled trials and tribulations for Ana and Christian, and will even see the rest of the Grey family mixed up in the drama. As we know, one of the most highly anticipated new additions to the Fifty Shades family is Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln, or Mrs Robinson as Ana likes to call her, and it's no secret that her presence in the Grey household will not be welcome by the end of the film.

Marcia Gay Harden who plays the matriarch of the Grey family spoke with Access Hollywood about one scene in particular between her character, Basinger's Elena Lincoln and Jamie Dornan who plays Christian. "There's a scene, it's a party... and she comes in and they're having some argument and my character understands what happened with them - not all the details, but she understands that she abused him and I slap her." We have a feeling that Elena may not be invited to the Greys' Masquerade Ball next year.

Fifty Shades Darker will see Ana and Christian encounter foes from Christian's past in all directions, and the one who will arguably cause the most amount of trouble is Elena. Basinger's character took advantage of Christian as a teenager and introduced him to the world of BDSM, and Gay Harden took the time to speak about how this affected his life by explaining, "He was damaged as a child, and most children who are damaged in that way, abused as children, it is going to play out later in life and his case it plays out later in his life and through the power of love he is healed."

Thank goodness for Ana! Despite all of the drama surrounding the characters, Gay Harden was quick to emphasise that the sequels are going to be full of drama, but producer Dana Brunetti has also prepared fans for a lot of fun to boot. For all the latest news and updates on Fifty Shades Darker click the green subscribe button below. Are you excited to see the infamous Mrs. Grey and Elena Lincoln slap?

Source: Access Hollywood, Twitter: @FiftyShadesAS