Fifty Shades Darker's new trailer is even more action-packed than the first!

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A new Fifty Shades Darker trailer is here and has fans even more excited about what's in store for Ana and Christian in the upcoming sequel. Check it out for yourself below

We recently wrote about a new Fifty Shades Darker trailer coming our way, and now it's here! This new promo video is so jam-packed full of action that we're now itching for the sequel's February 10th release date. The first official Fifty Shades Darker trailer focused on the upcoming trials and tribulations for Ana and Christian - mainly caused by Jack Hyde, Elena Lincoln and Leila Williams. And now, this new trailer expands on that, but also includes some romantic and lighthearted moments as well.

The video begins with Christian's voice saying, "I want you back," as we see Ana receive a huge bouquet of white roses. Christian continues, "I'm not very good at this, I never wanted to try again." We then see Ana run into Christian, for the first time since their breakup, at José's art exhibit, which is comprised of photos of Ana (awkward). Christian asks her to have dinner with him, which Ana agrees to - but only because she is hungry. But we all know that the couple ends up getting back together.

Ana tells Kate that she's never been happier as we see a shot of her and Christian looking carefree sailing on the water. Then things get a bit kinky with Christian commanding Ana to take off her underwear while they're sitting at the table in a restaurant. There's another scene where Ana and Christian are in the back of an elevator full of people. Christian bends down, pretending to tie his shoe, and he brings his hand up the back of Ana's leg and up into her skirt as he stands up.

This latest Fifty Shades Darker trailer also touches on the people who stand in the way of Christian and Ana's relationship. Ana's boss, Jack Hyde, tells her, "Your boyfriend has a reputation," then asks, "Do you want to be kept, or have respect?" While Elena Lincoln asks Ana, "Do you think you're the first woman who's tried to save him?" To which Ana replies, "He's changing, it's not what he wants anymore." Elena declares, "It's what he needs." Then there's Leila Williams who is stalking Ana. The trailer ends with Ana turning around to find Leila in her apartment. What did you think of the latest Fifty Shades Darker trailer?

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