Fifty Shades Darker: Seattle Independent Press now has a website!

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Fifty Shades Darker will see Ana getting the job done at Seattle Independent Press, and now you can too with this new interactive website...

Fifty Shades Darker will premiere on February 10, 2017, and amongst parties, stalkers, ex-lovers and art exhibitions, we will see Ana begin working at Seattle Independent Press under Jack Hyde. Unfortunately, from the looks of the explosive trailer, which foreshadows trials and tribulations for Ana and Christian, Ana will be put under a hell of a lot of stress as Jack Hyde tries to work some moves on her which Christian will swiftly put to a halt. Now you have that chance to show who's the boss by joining Seattle Independent Press, the first interactive site for the upcoming film. This website follows suit after Fifty Shades of Grey fans were given access to Grey Enterprises Holdings, where you had the opportunity to 'work' as one of Christian Grey's many employees. Since Ana no longer works for Grey Enterprises Holdings, neither do you.

Fifty Shades Darker is going to see Ana get swept up in Christian's dramatic past, and it seems that she can't even get away from him at work. In the list of Employees at Seattle Independent Press, we see Ana's name listed as Assistant to Jack Hyde. The description below her name reads: "Anastasia Steele is the newest member to the SIP team. A recent graduate from Washington State University, Ana is a promising new recruit to the Seattle publishing scene and we're pleased to have her with us."

Based on what we've seen from the trailer, we can't help but feel this caption is just the slightest bit telling. If you decide to become a member on the site you can start earning badges right away, and push Jack Hyde out of a job. Mwahaha. You be may be feeling a little concerned for Ana in the lead up to the sequels, and while this feeling is completely valid, rumour has it that Christian Grey could become her submissive, as she begins to learn the ways of his world. Stay tuned. What do you make of the Seattle Independent Press website?

Source: Universal, Seattle Independent Press