Game of Thrones Season 6: Gwendoline Christie has a blast juggling HBO and Star Wars!

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Gwendoline Christie had kind of a good year. After conquering TV as Brienne of Tarth on HBO, a small film project of hers is on its way to becoming one of the highest grossing movies ever! Check out what the Star Wars and Game of Thrones actress had to say about her whirlwind year!

She was a female Kingsguardman on Game of Thrones and a rebellion commander in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. She helped GoT to a record 12 Emmy's and has just wrapped filming for its sixth season. Only a few years after quitting a successful stage career in search of challenging and substantive roles on the screen, Gwendoline Christie is now one of the faces of the new Star Wars family under Disney, even if that face is hidden behind an iron-chrome mask. The British actress recently sat down to talk her stellar year and gush about the new galaxy that she's now a part of! "I always felt like a bit of an outsider," Christie, who also happens to be 6'3" told BuzzFeed about her first exposure to StarWars, "and here was this group of people that were all very unique in their own way, on an exciting journey together, and are getting along.”

From the beginning of her career, the actress has always sought roles that champion the outsider and the downcast. “I was told ‘no’ for a long time … because I looked different,” the actor said. “I was told the industry embraced a norm and I wasn’t a part of that norm." So when Christie caught wind of Brienne of Tarth, she knew she'd found a character that could be appreciated based on the strength of the role rather than any beauty of the object. “She spoke to me," Christie says of Brienne. "Just being able to have the opportunity to explore a woman that is outside of convention, outside of the kind of woman we had seen in mainstream media." And Star Wars 7's Captain Phasma pushes the envelope even further, completely masking the character's external physique while simultaneously presenting her as unapologetically feminine. "I was so, so excited when I realized that they had taken the step to be so progressive, to be so modern, to be so conceptual, but so relevant; I actually think it is a reaction to what people want,” Christie tells BuzzFeed. “What this does is this takes all of our preconceptions, all of our conventions about the way in which we view a woman, and strips them away." What's your favourite Gwendoline Christie role?

Source: BuzzFeed