Game of Thrones Season 6: Jon Snow poster sends the web for a spin

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Ever since yesterday's reveal of a certain Game of Thrones Season 6 poster, the web has been up in a frenzy, with some calling foul on the appearance of Kit Harington's Jon Snow, other's fed up with the HBO series playing tricks and most just relieved to get on with life in Westeros come April

We saw this coming from miles away. The first hint of promotional material from HBO's Game of Thrones is out and Kit Harington's Jon Snow is the centrepiece. This has had the exact effect that HBO's marketing department had been hoping: Jon Snow starts trending all over social media as the pan-continental debate gets reignited. IS JON SNOW ALIVE OR NOT? Well, although we have more theories than answers, the outcome is pretty simple: if Jon Snow ends up being just plain alive after last season's horrific sacrficial murder, HBO takes its hordes of fans for a bunch of smucks who can just be picked up and dropped off as the vagaries of the ratings cycle dictate. If he's not totally alive (say a presence that comes via flashback or stream of consciousness), the ratings theory still holds, but the insult to our credulity is slightly more palatable. Fans thought as much when they took to social media to air their concerns and frustrations about the coming of winter.

"Jon Snow was never dead," Twitter user @95robbo admonishes his cohorts. "Did anyone of you actually doubt that guy?" And @Wintzzz took on a similarly celebratory tone, saying, "Yassss I KNEW Jon SNow wouldn't just die like that! Whew I was so angry.. Now I'm really excited for the new season." Others, meanwhile, were a little dubious about the whole affair, with @DanahRachell claiming that "Something feels off with that Jon snow poster. Idk what kind of games HBO is playing but I don't like it one bit." "Is he back for real?" @VioletaMolina laments. "Is he a ghost? Is this all a cruel joke being played on us by HBO?" We're inclined to answer yes and no. I think they just ran out of better ideas. What do you think? Is there a good narrative purpose for bringing back the steward of the Night's Watch?

Source: Twitter: @95robbo / @Wintzzz / @DanahRachell / @VioletaMolina