Game of Thrones Season 6: Jon Snow will return to Westeros on this date!

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If you're NOT excited about Game of Thrones, prepare for exile from Westeros and anywhere else civilized society gathers. Because Jon Snow is back and with the Season 6 release date just announced, there's no room for your kind in these parts

It's sure getting cold out there. With many parts of the true North strong and free looking like a setting out of the Seven Kingdoms, the time is ripe for Game of Thrones Season 6 to drop like March snow in New Brunswick. And no longer able to wait around for George Martin's perenially delayed Winter to come out in print, HBO has just confirmed that Season 6 will debut in on April 24, 2016, with the advent of Jon Snow 2.0 set to be one of the Top 10 TV moments of 2016. The TV series has now officially caught up with the book's story arc but, Martin assures his readers that by this point book and series have diverged far enough not to threaten too many spoilers from the backlogged book. That is, "yes and no," he claims.

Last time we checked, Daenerys was surrounded by Dothraki while Tyrion was left to rule Meereen in her place. When the new season launches in April, we'll find out whether Tyrion sends a search party out to find her or whether she'll have to cope on her own. Daenery's not completely without allies, of course, and she's also got a couple of dragons sitting in her back pocket waiting on her command. Back in King's Landing, Cersei performed a brutal walk of shame as penitence, while Margaery is still locked in the dungeons at the behest of the High Sparrow. Whether she's able to escape will form a major intrigue in the early season. Who will you be watching out for when winter arrives?

Source: Twitter: @GameofThrones