Game of Thrones Season 6: Teaser trailer brings home Jon Snow

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A brand new Game of Thrones teaser trailer brings Jon Snow home to Season 6. But in what capacity remains to be seen. Check out the promo clip below for the questions to the answers

Will Black Walder return, is Jon Snow dead, does the Iron Throne have soft cushions? These are the questions we all must ask ourselves as we await the coming of winter this April. Game of Thrones Season 6 is set to launch in the heart of next spring with everyone and Kit Harington's mother pondering whether Jon Snow will return as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. A new trailer has now come to light, teasing, if nothing else, the major role Snow, or at least the ghost thereof, will play in Season 6, right after he sent the web for a spin in this poster in which he gets up right after being stabbed to death at the end of Season 5.

Listen carefully to the voiceover above and you get an idea that the past will come to bare in a large way on Game of Thrones Season 6. Although composed of footage from last season, the continued Kit Harington focus proves either that Snow is still alive or reveals creators doubling down on this whole dead-not-dead mislead to keep us on our toes (and our eyes on the screen). "The past is already written. The ink is dry." Could this be writers telling us that, in spite of all indication otherwise, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is really dead? But that we "have no idea what's going to happen," revealing that the door is open on the afterlife and the ghost of Jon Snow haunting Winterfell. Do you have more questions than this teaser clip answers? Let us know your theories about the mysterious presence of Jon Snow.

Source: Twitter; @GameofThrones