Game of Thrones Season 7: Jon, Brienne and Davos dress down in behind-the-scenes photos

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Filming on Game of Thrones Season 7 is well underway, and the latest behind-the-scenes photos see some of our favourite actors in action, as they take on the North

Slowly but surely the cast and crew of Game of Thrones are arriving back on location as they begin filming the highly-anticipated Season 7. Emilia Clarke recently posted a photo of herself with Jacob Anderson and Nathalie Emmanuel, baring their teeth to the camera, and true to form, our favourite actors based in the North, seem to be a little more composed when on set. Thanks to the Daily Mail, we have been given a sneak peak of life on set of HBO's hit show, even if it does look like all of them apart from Gwendoline Christie have been given a telling off. The Daily Mail reports that the actors were preparing to film a battle scene. But, we don't have any evidence to suggest that this is the case, and given that Aiden Gillen's in a T-shirt and Pod seems to be missing his armour, we get the feeling these photos may have been taken after a long day of filming, or at lunchtime.

Production on this particular day of filming took place at Banbridge Linen Mill Studios in Northern Ireland, near the hub of Game of Thrones production in Belfast. Sophie Turner's body double was also spotted on set, possibly to film some stunt work, or to shoot some energetic dancing on Ramsay Bolton's grave.

The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale saw Littlefinger try to persuade Sansa to marry him and aid him in his quest to become King of the Seven Kingdoms. The fact that he's still hanging around Winterfell hints that he won't leave until he's either got what he wants, or until he's forced to. With Brienne faithfully standing by Sansa's side, we're presuming that the outcome may be the latter. Christie revealed at this year's Emmy awards that Season 7 will be very satisfying, and Sophie Turner has reportedly teased that not everyone will make it to Season 8. We can't help but feel that these combined statements have sealed Littlefinger's fate. What do you think Season 7 has in store for the residents of Winterfell?

Source: Daily Mail