Game of Thrones Season 7 to see Jorah Mormont return to Daenerys

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There are some very exciting new friendships and alliances in Game of Thrones Season 7, however fans can also look forward to a reunion, as Jorah Mormont and Daenerys are reunited in a set photo

Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont have had one heck of a complicated relationship. Jorah's been with Dany since the very beginning, but when she discovered that he was spying on her for Varys, Dany banished Jorah. Oh and it doesn't help that Jorah is totally in love with Daenerys. Jorah had the brilliant idea to capture Tyrion and take him to his Khaleesi, and it actually worked out quite well with Tyrion becoming the Hand of the Queen. However poor Jorah contracted greyscale during his journey.

Jorah managed to get back in Daenerys' good graces in Season 6, but the two parted ways with Dany ordering Jorah to go off in search of a cure for greyscale. Fans were worried that this would be the last we saw of Jorah Mormont, however our fears were eased when actor Iain Glen was spotted on a flight to Belfast, where Game of Thrones is filmed, reading a script. And now a recent set photo featuring Glen puts us even more at ease.

Our friends over at Digital Spy shared a photo that shows Jorah and Daenerys standing just a few feet away from each other. So does this mean that Jorah has found a cure for greyscale? Tyrion, Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth also appear in the pic, as the latter two push a boat into the water with some other men while Dany and Tyrion watch from the shore. We've seen a lot of set photos lately, especially ones that include Daenerys and Jon Snow together. Jon even seemed to be meeting Drogon in recent GoT Season 7 set photos, so things are moving quite fast between Khaleesi and the King in the North. However it's entirely possible that the scenes in the spoiler-tastic photos from the GoT Season 7 set will never air on the show and are instead a way for the cast and crew to mess with nosy fans. We would not put that past them. Are you excited to see Jorah Mormont back in his beloved Queen's presence?

Source: Digital Spy