Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner "cried" when reading her Season 7 script for the first time

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Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner cried when reading the scripts for Season 7, which should tell you that next season will be heartbreaking. Check out what she had to say below.

Game of Thrones set the record as the most Emmy-awarded television show of all time last weekend at the Emmy's, and before the ceremony, TVLine caught up with the hit HBO drama's cast to find out what to expect from Season 7. Emilia Clarke teased an epic battle and revealed who she wants to share a scene with in Game of Thrones Season 7, and she seemed genuinely gobsmacked about the scripts. As it turns out, she wasn't the only one. TVLine asked Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner about her reaction to the script, and she had some extreme reactions herself. When asked for adjectives on the new season Maisie Williams responded with a simple but effective "holy balls," but Turner went a bit more in depth about how moving and shocking the new season will be.

Turner said, "Oh my god I can't even describe this season, it's going to be unbelievable. I mean, MERH!" Yep, she really said that last bit. Turner continued: "It's gonna be, I like can't even describe it. It's the best season yet, it's going to be's going to be better than last season. When I read the script I nearly fell off my chair I was like I couldn't believe it. Jaw dropped." When she was pressed on whether she cried, she quipped: "I can't tell you that! Yes, I cried." Well if Turner nearly fell off her chair and cried, something big must be going down. Despite the popularity of the character, could Daenerys and her dragons be slain by Cersei or Euron, leaving Westeros open for the taking from White Walkers? It'd certainly be a shocking twist! For regular updates on Game of Thrones click the green subscribe button below. What shocking twist do you think will come to pass in Season 7?

Source: YouTube: @TVLine