Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner reveals that not everyone will make it to Season 8

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Game of Thrones is notorious for killing off its most beloved characters, and as we approach the final two seasons, Sophie Turner teases that it may be the end of the road for a few key characters.

Production on Game of Thrones Season 7 is well under way, and after setting the record as the most Emmy awarded television show of all time, we're certain that the atmosphere on set must be pretty fantastic. But perhaps not for everyone. Sophie Turner graced the red carpet at the award show and during an interview with Variety, she spoke about how it feels coming to GoT's final two seasons. Turner shared, "It feels quite sad, like it's all really wrapping up and coming to an end, so it's quite emotional actually. And everyone's kind of hanging around Belfast for a lot longer to kind of be with each other in just each other's presence and be like, 'This isn't gonna happen again' so it's pretty sad." When asked about moving on to Season 8 she said, "Yes, we've got one more season, well, not all of us." Then Turner let that sad reality sink in with a little wiggle of the head.

So, who could be the one, or ones, to bite the dust in Game of Thrones Season 7? While we're fairly certain that it won't be Jon Snow, since he was only brought back to life in Season 6, there are those in his party who may be a little more expendable. We're looking at you Ser Davos. Despite being one of the most caring people on the show, we here at melty think that Davos' time on Game of Thrones may come to an end in Season 7. It seems as though when comparing the remaining key characters, Samwell and Davos are on the same level in terms of being a useful character, but not as vital as say Arya or Sansa, and out of the two, Samwell definitely has more of a story to tell than the Onion Knight. On the other hand, most of Westeros' citizens may be reaching the end of the line, as a recent Game of Thrones casting call teases Season 7's epic battle. So who are we to predict the future plotlines of such an unpredictable show. Who do you think fans will be saying goodbye to in Season 7?

Source: Twitter: @Variety