Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti dishes on DeLuca and Jo's Season 13 relationship

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Jo and DeLuca have become closer than ever in the last couple of Grey's Anatomy episodes, but could it turn into something more? Find out what actor Giacomo Gianniotti had to say about it

Jo is the catalyst for the heated legal battle going on between Alex and DeLuca, although that's seemed to cool down in the last few episodes. Jo visited DeLuca in the hospital following the assault to see how he was doing, and more importantly to ask him not to say anything about all the secrets she spilled to him. DeLuca's first few weeks back at work were difficult; many of the other doctors were cold towards him since he is suing Alex. But DeLuca and Jo have developed a friendship in the last couple of episodes that's led some fans to think that a romance could be forming. Speaking to ET, Andrew DeLuca actor Giacomo Gianniotti explained, "Andrew feels like an outcast at this point. He’s gone through this really hard thing and doesn’t have anybody to talk to about it, so in Jo he sees an ally, comrade and someone who not only understands where he’s coming from, but was actually there.”

Regarding Jo and DeLuca's possible romantic future, Gianniotti played coy saying, “People keep asking, ‘Are they getting together?’ and ‘Is it a romantic thing?’ and it could develop into that, but right now it’s a friendship - two people who are happy to have someone to talk to. Alex might beat me up again if I go for his girl! So I would ask Andrew to tread lightly in that direction.” Despite DeLuca feeling like an outcast, the latest Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 sneak peek shows DeLuca seeming quite at ease as he joins Jo and Stephanie for lunch, while Leah Murphy is the one who feels like an outcast. The tension between DeLuca and Alex has cooled off, but Alex isn't out of the woods (or should we say clinic) just yet. The Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 trailer reveals that Catherine wants Bailey to replace Alex. Would you like to see Jo and DeLuca get together romantically?

Source: ET Online