Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Amelia and Owen will have different reactions to the Meredith-Riggs-Maggie love triangle

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The Grey's Anatomy Season 12 finale set up a love triangle storyline between Meredith, Maggie and Riggs. Find out how Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone think their characters, Owen and Amelia, will handle the situation

Meredith and Amelia sure have had a bumpy road. It took nearly half of Season 12 for the ladies to reconcile after Meredith kicked Amelia out of her house. Happily the season ended with Amelia marrying Owen with both Maggie and Meredith by her side in a scene that set up a highly-anticipated love triangle for Season 13. Owen and Riggs also put aside their issues with one another and Owen allowed Riggs to stay at his wedding. In the final moments of the finale, Maggie whispered to Meredith while looking over at Nathan, that she likes him and believes that the feeling is mutual. Poor Maggie has no idea what Meredith and Riggs have been up to in the hospital parking lot. We recently caught up with Martin Henderson at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and he gave his character, Riggs, some advice on choosing between Meredith and Maggie in an exclusive interview.

We also got to chat with Kevin McKidd, who spoke a bit about Owen and Amelia's future in Grey's Season 13. As for the newlyweds' relationships with their friends and coworkers, specifically Meredith, Maggie and Riggs, that's a whole different story. It seems as if Amelia will become the middle-man between Meredith and Maggie, which has previously been Maggie's job to ease the tension between Mer and Amelia.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, actress Caterina Scorsone said: "Right now, Amelia doesn’t know about either of their situations with Riggs, so that will be something really fun to explore next year – how she’s going to find out about Meredith and how she’s going to find out about Maggie, and how they’re going to deal with it. I don’t know that they’ll necessarily be at odds. Sisters before misters. It’s possible that they’ll both try and accommodate one another. I’m sure Amelia will do whatever she can do to ease anyone’s pain in that family.” We agree with Scorsone in that we don't think Meredith and Maggie will fight over Riggs, however it certainly makes for an awkward situation.

Kevin McKidd also spoke to Entertainment Weekly and predicts that Owen isn't going to take the news of Riggs and Meredith's hookup very well, despite the former friends' reconciliation in the Season 12 finale. Talking about the hookup, McKidd said: "That’s going to come out, I’m sure, next season. I don’t think Owen is going to be happy about that. He’s almost becoming an unofficial brother to Meredith. Derek was his friend. He’ll be a bit territorial, to be honest. Also, the last time Riggs got close to somebody Owen cares about, she died. He might be being a little irrational when he finds out.” Speaking of Owen's sister, we have a feeling that she's not really dead and that she'll make an appearance in Season 13 to shake things up for both Owen and Riggs. Do you think Owen's sister is dead or alive, and are you excited to see more love triangle drama?

Source: Entertainment Weekly