Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 4 sneak peek, meet Alex's new boss

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Grey's Anatomy returns tomorrow with a new episode that will shed some light on Alex's time working in the clinic, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to be going well. Check out the Episode 4 sneak peek below

The tension between Alex and DeLuca cooled off a bit in the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, but Alex's fate still hangs in the balance. While Alex's felony charges are pending, Bailey sent him to work in the hospital's clinic which is severely under-staffed. This is not an ideal job for a board-certified surgeon, and Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 3 saw both Alex and April commiserate about not being able to do their jobs as surgeons.

Alex wasn't very responsive when Arizona tried to give him a stern talking to, but we understand seeing as Alex has probably already endured the same conversation from all the other doctors already. But the episode ended with Alex and Arizona having a heart-to-heart and Alex declaring that he'll do his time at the clinic and whatever else it takes to get his job back. However it doesn't look like Alex's new boss is a happy camper, and definitely won't make Alex's time at the clinic very enjoyable. Check out the Episode 4 sneak peek below.

The "Falling Slowly" clip sees Ravi Patel guest star as Alex's new boss Tamir. In the clip Alex asks Tamir for a favor, saying that he needs to leave for an hour that afternoon. Tamir, a bit hostilely, responds: "I know you consider this grunt work Dr. Karev, and I'm sure you're not used to taking orders from a nurse." Alex replying that "it's fine" annoys Tamir even more. Tamir goes on to tell Alex that it's vaccination day and they're going to be flooded with patients that afternoon.

Regardless of the important matter Alex needs to take care of, their patients are more important. So the answer "no," that Alex cannot take time off. Tamir ends the conversation by telling Alex, "You can figure out your life on your own schedule," and then proceeds to throw the keys down on the counter in front of Alex, ordering him to open the clinic doors. Meanwhile on the surgical floor, the Grey's Anatomy Episode 4 trailer teases that Riggs' feelings for Meredith might get in the way of him properly doing his job. Do you think Alex will be able to keep his cool with his new boss?

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