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Grey's Anatomy Episode 5 took a break from both the DeLuca-Alex drama and the Meredith-Riggs-Maggie love triangle to focus on newlyweds Owen and Amelia. Here's our recap of "Both Sides Now"

This week's installment of Grey's Anatomy, titled "Both Sides Now" begins with Meredith, Maggie and Alex despairing over their house's broken air conditioner, especially since it's so hot out. When Meredith arrives at work Riggs mentions that he heard about the AC problem, saying that he thinks he may have a solution. When she asks if he knows how to fix an air conditioner, Riggs replies no, but that his works just fine and Meredith can come over and use it. Meredith isn't taking the bait and tells him that's not an offer a colleague makes. But Riggs isn't ready to give up on Meredith yet. Aside from this scene, Episode 5 didn't feature any Meredith-Riggs-Maggie love triangle awkwardness. Instead it focused on Amelia thinking that she's pregnant, as teased in the Grey's Anatomy Episode 5 trailer.

Meredith catches Amelia in the storage closet acting sketch. Amelia explains that she's pregnant, and Meredith congratulates her. But when she asks how Owen reacted to the news, Amelia responds that she doesn't want to tell him until she knows for sure. Meredith is instantly disappointed that she hugged Amelia when she hasn't even peed on a stick yet. Meredith hands Amelia a pregnancy test as says to tell her when it's real. Amelia then sees Owen in the hallway and asks if he has a minute to talk, but the couple runs into Jackson and baby Harriet. As previewed in a Grey's Anatomy Episode 5 sneak peek, Jackson is in a hurry to get to an emergency surgery and Owen offers to take Harriet to the day care for him. Owen doesn't want to drop Harriet off at the day care until she's asleep, like Jackson instructed, but she won't stop crying. He goes to Alex for advice and Alex suggests that maybe Owen just isn't a 'baby guy'.

Bailey is extremely excited because one of her patients, an 80-year old woman named June, is finally receiving a liver transplant after waiting three years. Bailey chooses DeLuca to help her since he's had a rough couple of weeks and he needs some joy. Meanwhile Meredith, Webber and Jo treat a woman named Chelsea who went on a run and passed out because of a heat stroke. Her extreme dehydration has caused her liver to start to shut down and she needs a transplant. Luckily Chelsea has a twin sister, Chandler, who is willing to give a part of her liver. After testing Chandler the doctors find that she is pregnant, which means that she cannot be a donor for her sister. But Meredith managed to get Chelsea at the top of the transplant list.

Webber is worried that Chelsea won't make it through the night, so Meredith asks Bailey if her patient will give up the liver that's coming for her so that Chelsea can have it instead. Bailey doesn't want to ask June since she's been waiting for a liver for three years, but when she does explain the situation June surprises everyone by saying that the liver is hers and she's not giving it up for anyone, even if the other patient is only 25. Meredith is shocked and frets about June not giving up her liver for Chelsea, but as fate would have it Maggie's patient dies during post-op and his liver is a match for Chelsea.

After Alex's comment that Owen's not a 'baby guy,' he doesn't give up that easily. Owen finally gets Harriet to sleep, and does a great job changing her diaper. Owen and Riggs also have a little heart-to-heart talk about having babies. Amelia puts off taking the pregnancy test and telling Owen, asking the other doctors how they told their husbands that they were expecting. When Owen comes home Amelia finally reveals that she thinks she's pregnant and she decides to take the test with him. While waiting for the results, Owen gets super excited thinking about their future child, especially after spending all day with Harriet. However the test turns out negative, and Amelia actually seems relieved to find out that she is not pregnant. What did you think about Episode 5?

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